Supporting Grief In a Global Health Crisis - COVID-19 Specific Resources

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The current COVID-19 pandemic situation is continually changing and these ongoing changes create uncertainty, fear, frustration, and an inability to make solid plans for the future. This reality parallels what so many children, teens, young adults, and adults encounter in grief. Whether you're a school administrator, teacher, counselor, leader of an organization, or just a concerned caregiver, you're likely wondering how to support those in your communities who are grieving. We've put together this list of resources to help you support children, teens, and adults who are carrying existing grief or experiencing new grief due to the pandemic.


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Resources from The Dougy Center

Tip Sheets


& Grief Activity Sheet

COVID-19 y Hoja de actividades de duelo

Back to School With Grief and the COVID-19 Pandemic

The start of any school year means adjusting to new people and expectations. This is especially true for children who are grieving the death of a parent, caregiver, sibling, or someone else important in their lives. Now with the COVID-19 pandemic and so many unknowns...

When Your World is Already Upside Down – Supporting Grieving Children & Teens During the COVID-19 Global Health Crisis

How rapidly and radically things are changing in our world and everyday lives, in ways we couldn’t imagine even a month ago. At that time, children, teens, young adults, and adult caregivers in our grief support groups were saying things like...

Route Planning

CUANDO TU MUNDO YA ESTÁ AL REVÉS Apoyando a niños y adolescentes durante la crisis de salud global de COVID-19

Que pronto y drástico han sido los cambios mundiales y en nuestras vidas ordinarias, en la manera que no nos pudiera imaginar hace un mes pasado. En ese tiempo, los participantes que están en nuestros grupos en el Centro Dougy (los niños, adolescentes, los jóvenes adultos, y los padres y otros adultos que cuidan a los niños) han dicho cosas como:


Supporting Children & Teens When a Family Member is Dying in a Hospital or Care Facility

If you’re faced with telling a child or teen that a family member or friend in a hospital or care facility is likely to die soon, you might be feeling confused and overwhelmed. It’s never easy to share this news, and especially so when there might be factors that prevent you and your family from physically visiting the person who is dying.

Medicine Kit

Si te enfrentas a decirle a un niño o adolescente que un familiar o amigo en un hospital o Centro de Atención es probable que se muera pronto, es posible que te sientas confundido y abrumado. Nunca es fácil de compartir esta noticia, y especialmente cuando puede haber factores que impiden que usted y su familia visiten físicamente a la persona que se está muriendo.

Finding the Words - Sample Scripts for Notifying Your Community if Someone Dies of COVID-19

How rapidly and radically things are changing in our world and everyday lives, in ways we couldn’t imagine even a month ago. At that time, children, teens, young adults, and adult caregivers in our grief support groups were saying things like...

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When Their World is Already Upside Down: Supporting Children & Teens in Foster Care During the COVID-19 Global Health Crisis

While children and teens reside in the foster care system, away from their original families, most are faced with not knowing if or when they will return home. We have learned from years of research and through the L.Y.G.H.T. program, this uncertainty results in youth experiencing loss, grief, and ambiguity.

Grief Out Loud Podcast Episodes

Ep. 139:
Grief & Coronavirus/COVID-19 - Leslie Barber
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Blogs & Interviews

When a Teacher or Classmate Dies: Helping Students Grieve When COVID-19 Prevents Physical Gathering. Blog post on Safe and Sound Schools written by Dr. Donna Schuurman.

Dying—and Grieving—During a Pandemic - Blog post on Death With Dignity featuring Dr. Donna Schuurman

Perspective | Why it’s important to find moments of joy in a crisis — and teach kids to do the same. Article in Washington Post featuring Dr. Donna Schuurman.

Grieving During Social Distancing – blog post on Teen Wise Seattle by Jana DeCristofaro, LCSW, Community Response Program Coordinator. Tips for teens grieving the death of a friend and ways to support the grieving family


Open to Hope Podcast - Coping With Manmade And Natural Disasters interview with Dr. Donna Schuurman, Senior Director of Advocacy & Training.

Widowed Parent Podcast Ep. 60: Creative ways to support one another during "social distancing" interview with Jana DeCristofaro, LCSW.

Other Resources

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