When my dad died, I wish people had...

"Told me it was ok to cry, to be scared, and to miss him. And I wish they asked me how I felt and what I wanted to do."   ~Malik, age 9 ​

When someone in your life dies, everything can feel upside down. You might have lots of big feelings, all at the same time, or not know what you feel. It's okay. Talking to people you trust can help. So can moving your body or spending time with friends. Sometimes it can help to write, draw, or act out your feelings. Here are a few activities to try. Get some pencils, markers, or crayons and find a spot you feel comfortable. If you need help with doing the activity, want a hug/high-five, have questions, or just want to talk about it with someone, be sure to ask one of your adults!

Dear...A letter to my person

My person's name poem

Ways to remember

I wonder. I wish. I hope...

What do you do with a feeling?

Hear from other kids who are grieving too...

StoryCorps Road to Resilience - Sasha & Olivia

Do you like to write?

Check out these  prompts!

We all need help sometimes, especially in grief. Click here for an activity.

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